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Fwiw, I hired another guy today at our alarm company; simply needed to in order to keep up with the workload. Burglaries and property theft in our area have gone gradually up over the last two or three years, and have flat-out skyrocketed in the past five or six months.

First thought might be that "we added a job" to the economy, but fact is, he's from another company in the industry; a company that's about 90% reliant on new commercial construction. With no commercial construction going on to speak of, they had to let guys go.

We do new construction and remodel/retrofit work in both the commercial and residential areas; so when the economy is up the construction industry keeps us busy, and when the economy is down, the increased crime keeps us busy. Basically, the declining economy is what cost him his job, but the increased crime of a declining economy makes our industry one of the rare ones that grows when other industries shrink.

Not trying to sound like a parasite or ambulance-chaser; just pointing out my first-hand observations relating to the topic of this thread: observations that tell me that home security should be a big concern for people in general nowadays.
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