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Thinking about giving the 1911 another try

I am hoping for suggestions. I have searched and found the buyer's guide and other great threads, kind of hoping for a fresh prospective (I know the info hasn't changed much, but maybe there is someone out there with new experiences).

My problem is I have tried 1911's in the past but must have had bad luck. I had a Springfield Champion that was nothing but a headache. I had a Kimber custom II that was just as bad. Both had to be returned to the factory for repairs, I sold them both. This has lead me to not trust 1911s. I have been envious of people who own them without any problems. In early 1990s while in the military, I was in a unit that still had some Colt 1911s. These things worked, and that is where my interest was peaked.

I really want to own a 1911 and would love suggestions for a full size with ambi safeties. Thanks for your time and patience. Frank.
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