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Originally Posted by themighty9mm View Post
De ja Vue.
Lol A friend of mine and I just had almost this exact same conversation at work today. Only he played mp15t, and I played mjkeat. I am not in the army but do undertand how serious a HD situation can be.

He had it all figured out. I told him something along the lines of. You have never ever been in that situation. Nor have I. You dont know what you dont know. Why just hope for the best. When you have every oportunity to be the best you could and increase your odds 10 fold. His basic response was very similar the MP15's. No matter the situation within his own house he won. He knows the layout and has an advantage and so on and so forth.

I'd go on about assume anything is possible and plan for the worst. He'd tell me abot some kid who shot a guy in the arm and the hobo ran away. I went on about statistically in combat you fall back to what you are best at, and how he was not good at much shooting wise (its the truth, I have seen this guy shoot).

Then he would come back with he was good enough to defend himself and how he could hit what he was aiming at. I would point out, it was usually within 7 yards and with a rifle and no stress even in the slightest. Add in stress/ fear and all the goes with it, and his odds of hitting even a human size target at close range were small. Then I would point out cops, and how they often miss even at close range, under real live fire. I also pointed out a few timed game of shooting tic tac toe another buddy of mine, and I did. Granted the targets were much smaller. But even with a recreational mindset and a tiny itty bitty bit of stress of time. Even at 7 yards my buddy often found himself not even close to paper. I do have a bit more shooting experience than him (it was a very unfair advantage as he has only been shooting a handfull of times ever. But like the first friend before the tic tac toe game. No matter the situation he was on top of it. After a few friendly games it was a real eye opener for him. and how even at very close range how far he could miss. Even with lack of experience, that guy is not the worst shot ever.
Then my friend (whom the conversation started with) would come back with some random guy who won a gun fight by a wing and a prayer.

It always came back down to why not take it more seriously? Listen to guys who have been there done that, got the T shirt and wrote the book. Chances are they know much much more than him or me. He's still at the point of he will always win the gunfight. Its unrealistic and to me sad.

I swear it was this exact same conversation. Thats funny. To me SD/HD is not a game, to him COD is telling the truth. And he was always the champ in his own mind. Any HD/SD should be taken 100% as serious as any other combat. It may only last a couple minuets or less. But during that time (if it ever happens) you are at war and it should be taken as such.

And in 2012 scenarios of the type, home invasion, mass shootings, burgerlary. Due to media, job loss, and just screwed up people in general. Chances are more and more likely than ever before. Its not a game, its you, and your families lives. Why assume you are the best, when you know damn well you arnt. And when opportunites to be better are so available, why not use that resource(s).

I think we are gonna go shooting this weekend and play some tic tac toe to give him a better understanding of reality. The only good point he made is it doesnt happen to him everyday. Fair enough and true.
And for most dedicating life to being a better shooter is not realistic. However, instead of just goofing off 100% of the time at the range. And in your own mind being the best thing since beer. Why not take the information others give, use it and apply it and seek out more. It doesnt mean you have to dedicate your life to it. But at least take it as serious as you would driving your car with a child inside. Use appropriate precautions, be smart, be safe, and be somewhat skilled. You had to get the basics before taking your DL test. Same with HD/SD. Life dedication? No but something to strive to be continuously better at.
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