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Originally Posted by Lucky Jack View Post
Just left Ed at Remington Field Services a voice mail so I'll get the official notice later today unless he's taken a long weekend. The notice came out on Remingtons' rarc.remington site about 4 or 5 years ago. Fred and the guys at Remington LE training don't cover it in the Armorer course because Armorers aren't authorized to do the repair.

What I was trying to illustrate is how the gun works, so what's happening can be understood. Most end users don't understand how the locking block and breech bolt assembly interact with the action bar and trigger plate assembly.

Anyway, it is not an ammo issue. It is simple tolerence stacking and can be repaired by any Remington repair center, Illion or gunsmith who knows about the problem.
Wouldn't it be easier to relieve the mating surface on the barrel extension rather than the bolt face?
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