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Well, now that I have a lot more ammo downrange, I can report on the VM from a more informed position.

First, reliabilty is still at 100%, even with anemic underpowered loads intermixed with 3" magnum slugs. The operating system is just silly reliable. Shouldered, unshouldered, hip, the energizer bunny.

Second, 3" v. 3.5" Some have reported being able to chamber and shoot 3.5" shells in the 3" tacticals. Well folks, I think they are nuts. Of course a 3" shell fits in a 2 3/4' chamber, and a 3.5" fits in a 3" chamber...does not mean it is supposed to. A question I hope aippi can ask in Armorer's class to get an official answer. On the shell stop/ bolt release lever, there are two springs, a small one nested in the larger outer one. The small one, in the Tacticals, can be removed since it is really there for the 3.5" shells. This aids in loading.

Third, slug accuracy is great out to 100 yards. I was able to go 9 for 9 with three different slugs on a 10" plate at 50 yards. The mid-bead and front fiber are NOT conducive to accuracy so I'll be adding a 10/22 or Lyman fold down in a milled rib dovetail in the next week or so. The bolt on rear sight did shrink my 100 yard group sizes down to 5". BUT, the three hinge points and clamp do affect POI. Remington Execs and sponsored shooters used a one-piece tube that I strongly encouraged Nordic to produce. I've got one of the original prototypes, but they are not yet in production. The one piece tube fixes the only two gripes I have with the VM, the potential for feed failures when hanging on a hinge point with higher recoiling rounds and the POI shift due to the clamp.

I am more and more impressed with the platform everytime I handle it. Feel free to toss any questions out.
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