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Originally Posted by TK-421 View Post
Okay, semi off-topic, who do you like more, McBride's, Austin Gun Liquidators, or The Gun Store? After buying my Glock from The Gun Store, and finding pretty good customer service, they were prompt, offered advice when I asked for it, but their selection is extremely lacking. If you want a firearm, you're set, if you want accessories, you're screwed. So then I went to AGL, and they seem pretty good, and they're like 10 minutes away from me, which is nice. Haven't been to McBride's yet though, but might give them a shot if you recommend them and they have a good selection of accessories.

On topic though, does McBride's have a 92FS? I'm thinking that will be my first non-glock pistol.

I have NOT been to the Gun Store. However, I use to frequent AGL often when he was off the access road. He recently moved next to academy in RR. My brother knows the owner WELL. However, he is not all that friendly and unless he KNOWS you are there to buy, he doesn't seem to like people handling the firearms otherwise and is not good about answering questions. His accessories seriously LACK. My last purchase from him was a STI Trojan and it will be my LAST purchase there.
Guns + is in Georgetown and they have great customer service, however, their selection is not great. You can find good used firearm deals there though. Every time I am in GTown I stop by there. Last time there I picked up a nice P238.
Dawson's, I've never been.
McBride's: Out of all the local places I've actually visited, this is by far my favorite. Nice selection of new and used. They carry everything it seems, including some LaRue rifles. I did not see any new STI guns though. They do have Sigs, Berettas (yes a new 92FS, I have a used one if you're local and interested I could send you pics) H&Ks, Kahrs, Spring Field, Desert Eagle and tons more. They have the largest revolver selection out of any I've seen. Great store, friendly staff and Joe is usually there on site.

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