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Originally Posted by ArtificialGrape View Post
I suspect I'm just naive in this regard, but is there any chance that you would care to share a refereed (peer-reviewed) paper that supports your assertions that "ALL OF THE GAS CLOUDS IN OUTER SPACE ARE SHOWN TO BE EXPANDING" and "Stars forming by themselves won't ever happen based on actual Science"? Given that the request was first to put to you over 16 months ago I suspect I have my answer.
Originally Posted by Peace Warrior View Post
Attempts to explain both the expansion of the universe and the condensation of galaxies must be largely contradictory so long as gravitation is the only force field under consideration. For if the expansive kinetic energy of matter is adequate to give universal expansion against the gravitational field, it is adequate to prevent local condensation under gravity, and vice versa. That is why, essentially, the formation of galaxies is passed over with little comment in most systems of cosmology.” D.B. Larson, Universe in Motion (1984) page 8
So when asked for some peer-reviewed paper to support your assertion, you have to resort to a mining engineer/economist/philosopher:
. who has been widely dismissed by the scientific community

. who himself thinks that Einstein was wrong in setting the speed of light as a limit, though was unable to publish anything in a peer-reviewed journal supporting this

. claims "that our familiar material world is not the whole of existence as modern science would have us believe" though I'm not sure what, if anything, he advances in support of this claim

. who had to resort to self-publishing his books after being rejected by publishers to whom he shopped them around

Of course, none of that is even particularly relevant given that either Larson plagiarized, or you or whoever you took that quote from was either particularly sloppy, or intentionally deceptive in the misattribution of the quote.

The quote that you attributed to Dewey Larson was actually from Thomas Gold and Fred Hoyle's Cosmic rays and radio waves as manifestations of a hot universe paper that was published in 1959...

[SIDE BAR] Gold and Hoyle were proponents of a "steady state" universe rejecting the Big Bang although it was Hoyle who coined the term. Hoyle is also famous for the tornado through a junkyard assembling a Boeing 747 cosmological argument[/SIDE BAR]

... later in this paper was the following quote -- see if you can find the relevant text...

Any gaseous filament drawn out, or produced as the wake of a galaxy in the intergalactic medium, will now not only fail to disperse, but can even grow denser. The pressure of the hot surrounding gas will push fresh material onto it which will be cooled by contact with the material of the filament. Stars may then form, and excitation of the gas can result from energy liberated at the interface between the hot and the cold gas.


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