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Every 1911 I own has patches on the rails where the frame and slide have worn the surface of the metal. I don't see how this design could possibly be built without sacrificial wear of the rails and slide to one another.
That's not normal wear in the pictures. It's galling...and it's a problem.

Grease the slide and frame rails.Also put a thin layer of grease under the slide stop.
Yes to the light grease on the rails. On the slidestop...If the recent clone makers and copy cats would adhere to original blueprint specs, and make the slidestops with a small fillet in the corner where the pin joins the arm to create a .003 inch gap between the arm and the frame, there wouldn't be any marring of the finish.

The same goes for the thumb safety, where the hammer and sear pins stand slightly proud of the frame to give the safety a raised surface to slide on without bearing on the frame.

But, I guess building pistols to print is asking too much these days...
The 1911? Well...It ain't exactly a Swiss watch.
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