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Originally Posted by Schabesbert View Post
This was apocryphical language, and in that sense, they have, with the destruction of Jersulem and specifically the Temple.

The Temple is considered a microcosm in the truest sense, and its destruction represented the end of an age.
I find that most of your apologetics depend greatly on the "The Bible says X but what it really means is Y." And then you claim the interpretation that you have chosen is the only correct one and that everyone else is wrong and simply doesn't understand it as completely as you.

I feel you twist the bible to mean whatever you want it to mean and back it up with an impressive pile of BS. In your world the bible cannot be held accountable for what it actually says because what it says is completely different from what it actually means. What box of cracker jacks did you get your secret decoder ring out of and where can I get mine?
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