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Originally Posted by Schabesbert View Post
[sarcasm]I have never said that "The Bible says X" nor have I ever said that what it "means is Y." In fact, "X" and "Y" are meaningless.
Of course, I understand what you mean, but that is because we're using a common context for the meaning. Another culture, at another time, could simply conclude that you're not telling the truth, or that you're completely wrong. And THAT is what you're doing with the Bible.
I disagree. I know... since I do not view it your way I am wrong. Nevertheless the Bible has been translated and retranslated to the satisfaction of the world. It's only when it's blatant contradictions, barbaric morality, and archaic mythologies cannot be reconciled with modern day knowledge and wisdom that the so called biblical scholars must begin twisting the meanings of things and reinventing the intentions of the authors. The bible says the world and heavens. If it meant temple... it would say temple. If it meant Jerusalem it would have said so. You are stretching to have it mean what you want it to mean. Or at least the "Scholars" who's every word you hang on are stretching it.

No, we study the scriptures and make a determination based on the intended meaning of the human author.

Mark P. Shea: Reading the Bible Like a Grownup
So long as the meaning agrees with your world view and God hates all the same people you do. Otherwise you'd pick another interpreter that twists it to your liking.

Of which you have none.

Actually, this is exactly upside down. What we try to do is derive the actual meaning as the author intended it.
So long as it agrees with your world view.
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