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I find this whole issue very concerning. I am in the middle of a career change and decided to back to school and get a degree in human services. We study issues involved in various settings such as rural areas. I mentioned this situation to others; peers, professors with Ph.D.’s and the like, (in a confidential manner and no one knows I even have anything to do with this site or the fact I am heavily involved in shooting sports) and it left most of them scratching their heads. They could not understand “why”; especially given the environment and the issue of “community”. It had most people thinking it would have a repelling effect on the clients. An established working relationship with a client base is a valuable thing. You can’t take the norms of one area and apply them to another. I don’t know how much knowledge the administration has of the community they are operating in but, it does seem as if they are not paying attention. It is definitely going to cause disruption in the “purpose”of what the employees are there for. If this was a different environment; a case could be made for the dress code change.
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