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Matthew Courtney
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Originally Posted by smokin762 View Post
Most people lack the interest of learning Marksmanship with Iron Sights. They would rather just depend on a sight with an illuminated reticle. If that gets more people into the shooting sports, I could care a less.

I, myself would love to walk into the Trophy Shop at Camp Perry and see my name on one of those. Until, I feel confident enough for that, Iíll keep practicing with Iron Sights and keep doing the rifle matches at my club.

I the past, I have hunted with Iron Sights and Red Dots. I can use either. I like Red Dots on a handgun and Iron Sights on the shotgun.
We train a bunch of folks to shoot rifles, and some of their rifles do not even have iron sights. We still teach the fundamentals, to include a good cheek weld for 20 bench rounds to sight the rifle in, 20 prone rounds to learn that position, then 20 rounds in arm rest standing..... And those 60 first rounds need to be fired with a good cheek weld. 20 rounds each from kneeling and sitting follow, then we work on improvised field positions.... And the cheek weld is an element in every shot fired.

We want to include everyone in the enjoyment of the shooting sports and we know that hitting what they want to hit is what is going to keep them coming back.
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