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From the test's I've run on the Ranger T-series and HST, I'd carry either one. I'm leaning toward the HST but I want to test it in gel myself to get a better approximation of what it's like through different barriers first.

I usually not one that's really big on +P ammo in any caliber but I will give credit where credit is due. The HST 230 +P is some nasty stuff!

Through my Sig P220 Combat, I had a 5 shot average of 932 Fps and expansion measured .984"!

I've never seen anything like it!

Pretty darn impressive!

It was surprisingly a soft shooter from the Sig. I must say that this is the only +P load I'd carry after all the ones I've tested in the past. Accuracy was good too. 2" at 50' and right at 3" at 25 yards. In rapid fire, I could keep all rounds in a 4.5" group at 25 yards!

Not too bad for +P ammo!

For a accuracy comparison, the standard pressure version gave me 3.9" groups at 25 yards in rapid fire. There was a little less recoil with the standard pressure version too. However, this is the only +P load that I've fired that there was little difference in felt recoil when compared to standard pressure ammo.

Good stuff!

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