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Originally Posted by cowboy1964 View Post
200+P only got 880 fps?? I've shot that in a 4" M&P and it has nasty recoil compared to 230gr. I've never chroned it but surely it was moving quite a bit faster than 230s.

Speer rates it as 1080 fps from a 5" barrel. Hard to believe it loses 200 fps with a 3.9" barrel. 100 fps maybe, but 200?
Don't have a chronograph.
Just do research and record others results.
Just sharing info.

More numbers:
Ammo Bullet Weight/Style Accuracy Velocity

Extreme Shok 185-gr. hollow point (HP) 3.25 inches 1,029 fps

Speer 230-gr. Gold Dot HP 2.50 inches 801 fps

Hornady 230-gr. TAP CQ 2.50 inches 827 fps

Winchester 230-gr. Bonded HP 3.25 inches 853 fps

Corbon 230-gr. +P HP 2.75 inches 937 fps

Federal 230-gr. +P EFMJ 2.25 inches 940 fps

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