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Even if it were true, we're referring to a landing in this case, not in flight.
Until you're on the ground, a landing is in flight. Once on the ground, the issue of high-wing vs. low wing, and stability is the issue always addresses inflight. It has nothing to do with being on the ground.

The higher CG above the contact patch of the tire will make a high wing less stable than a low wing in the event of a tire problem. Also, a low wing (typically) has a greater distance between the mains, adding to (landing) stability.
No, it doesn't make a high wing less stable in the event of a tire problem. Ever had a wheel fail in a high wing airplane? Ever had one fail in a low wing airplane? Neither one is a big deal.

I had a Piper Cherokee 180B several years ago. If you could keep the struts from collapsing, the "wide stance" and low CG made it handle like a go-kart on the ground - nice feature for high cross winds. That was about the only good feature of the plane - it had high fuel consumption, was slow and had a small CG envelope; although the elevator trim on the ceiling was pretty cool.
A cherokee is about like any other light airplane, crosswind or not. They make fine airplanes. The issue of high wing vs. low wing is non-existent. It lands about like any other airplane.

High fuel consumption?

I had a Ercoupe 415D (with an O-200) as well, the natural landing stability of the wide gear, and low CG, was part of the original cross-wind landing technique - just land in a crab and let the wide, trailing link gear straighten the track on the ground (no capability of slips or skids in the original design).
That was one of the main selling points of the ercoupe. It's also annoying, though splitting the controls and putting separate rudder control on them doesn't seem to do much, either.

The 747 gets landed in a crab, too. The gear straightens it right out.

The Cessna 195 employs crosswind gear. It's very annoying if taking a high speed taxiway.
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