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Originally Posted by glocktecher View Post
I am curious if anyone else finds it absurd that a supposed quality firearm has this many pages of post on how to fix something that should not even happen coming out of the factory.

Is Glock doing any testing on what they are putting on the market, or do they realize that there are customers willing to accept anything?

I know they are good pistols, I have many.

But this is beyond bizaar.
If you look through this thread, you will find that many of the posts are from a lot of the same people. I'm not saying the problems are not real, but I think the problem is a little over exagerated as to how many guns are affected. After spending quite a bit of time reading on here and being terrified, I started keeping track of who was posting and what they were saying. Based on this, I went out and traded on a brand new gen 4 g26, which I plan to shoot for the first time this weekend. Hopefully my analysis was right and the problem is not as widespread as it seems. You will find a ticked off customer is going to post and make much more noise than a happy customer.
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