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Originally Posted by nursetim View Post
NeverMore1701, dude! That first one is great. I've never seen a benchmade like this. Could you tell us more about it and what you've done to it? Strong work .
I picked it up for cheap here on GT from someone who didn't like the SOCP. When I got it, I could see why, it's a pretty terrible stock design. I didn't have a definite direction when I started on it, just dove in and started messing around.

First I cut off the godawful ring, ground down the finger grooves that didn't quite fit my hand, and stripped the black coating off. Then I made some micarta out of a tan T-shirt and epoxied it on. I also lengthened the handle just a hair with the micarta. Not much, but enough to improve the feel a bit.

Shaped the handle down to a pretty thin profile, ghetto jimped the blade shoulder on the spine, thoroughly dulled and rounded the spine, and very slowly cut the angle into the spine. That part took a while, as I could only do a very small bit at a time to keep the blade cool. Put a good edge on it, pressed out a kydex neck sheath, and am pretty happy with it.

If I would have had a definite direction from the beginning it probably wouldn't have sat half-finished for several months, and some of the details might have ended up a bit cleaner, but I just wanted a project to mess around with, and it filled that role just fine, with the added bonus of turning out well enough for me.
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