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Originally Posted by brickboy240 View Post
No kidding!

Wasn't the other thread eventually closed down because the impolite cretins kept blabbering on about how THEY were having no problems and thought we were stupid for posting about our issues?

How hard is it to stay out of threads that do not apply to you or your situation? I don't own a 10mm Glock so I damn sure stay out of those threads. Why go there and comment on how silly you think it is to own a 10mm or how high the ammo is?

That is half the problem with Glock Talk....too many people here with no manners or sense of how to be civil and polite. No wonder most of the civilized, sane and well meaning people have long left this place for forums where that kind of nonsense is not tolerated.

10 mm is silly and the ammo is way to high! ;-)
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