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Originally Posted by brickboy240 View Post
To be honest, if the new coming Apex 3rd gen extractor does not cure my G19...I am seriously considering dumping Glock and going to the PPQ.
Another alternative is a Gen4 Glock 23 in .40 S&W. They seem to have much fewer reported problems. I have 1,300 rounds through mine with no issues (04/12 test fire date).

Of the 1,300 rounds, the last 600 were through my Glock .357 Sig barrel. Also flawless and it is what I consider the ultimate 9mm cartridge.

I looked at the PPQ and it just does not fit my hand like the Gen4 Compacts. There is just something about the dimensions that are just right. Which is saying something since my favorite guns are 1911s! I just don't want to carry one.
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