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Originally Posted by 9mm +p+ View Post
Nice! I'm actually considering getting out of Glock all togther and picking up another 45C. I love this gun, it carries and shoots so well. 19 size, 45 hit, what's not to love. I know someone will bring up a G 30, had one and hated the grip on it. The 45C's grip was made for my hand.
Now to find somebody with a 45C with nite sites that wants a OD 26 with NS and 3rd gen 19 with nite sites...
I've been telling folks the same thing.
G19 size with 45 hit.
My HK45C is my EDC and favorite handgun these days.

Today at the range I fired boxes of ammo through my;
Glock G27 40-9mm,
Kahr Mk40 Elite,
HK P30 40 LEM,
HK P2000 357 LEM,
the HK45C LEM.

My tricked out Glock came in second.
But the HK45C was the clear leader of the pack.

That gun, in my hands, is just on a different level.
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