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Originally Posted by dpadams6 View Post
Your hk45c has become your favorite ccw over the p2000 357sig? I bet your p2000 is not happy. :(
I have two P2000 357s.
And the twins are hot as a pair of hornets - LOL!

I love my 357s and they aren't going anywhere.
Of my four HK Light LEM guns -
The Big Dog HK45C has the smoothest, lightest, most crisp, clean trigger. Seems like my larger frame guns often have better triggers.

And I cheated with the springs on the HK45C.
The HK light LEM spring configuration, I believe,
is light FPBS, light TRS and heavy hammer.
That's how my P30 and two P2000s are set up (~4.5 lbs).

I used light springs for all three on the HK45C.
Gunsmith measured her at 3.9 lbs.
Soft shooting, deadly accurate and a trigger like butter.
She's just the sweetest thing.Heckler & Koch Forum

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