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Posts: 1,337's what happened: Took the FNP 357 out to the range today - on a fairly cold and blustery day. First I filled up five of my magazines with ten rounds each of CCI Speer Lawman -125g - TMJ . Each and every round feed and fired flawlessly. I was feeling pretty good at this point. You will notice FMJ's punch nice holes in pumpkins:
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Next I thought I should go all out and fill the magazines full... and with JHP's - Parabellum Research - 125g - JHP (value line)(RL). About three shots into the first magazine...BOOM...failure to feed. I had about three with that magazine. I did notice that was the one magazine I had marked (with an X ) as being particularly troublesome. The other three magazines ran without incident (two full and one partial). Pumpkins after JHP's:

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I placed the bad magazine aside and loaded three mags full (and one partial) with Wisconsin Cartridge Corp. - 125g - FMJ (RL) to see how it would run with nickel plated brass rounds. I had one failure to feed out of these 50 rounds soooo.... I marked that magazine with permanent marker. I am feeling a little more hopeful but obviously this one will not be in the carry rotation. I still feel this is a magazine issue mostly so I will press on testing with the four remaining magazines and quality rounds. The marked magazine was sent to the shop with the pistol. I don't know if it was inspected....
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