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Originally Posted by scccdoc View Post
Can you PROVE 1,2,3,and4? I didn't think so. Just a smokescreen to divert from your inconsistencies.

1. There is no proof God's ever done anything. You can share it with the class if there is. I'll convert right here and now.

2. There is no evidence God has helped us build a single thing. If you have some that is conclusive please present it.

3. Since there is no proof that God's ever done anything ever and we've made it this far (arguably the toughest part of the trip was our childhood as a species) then it stands to reason that we'll keep right on going. And since man shows a tendency towards progress... there is nothing to suggest that that trend will change anytime soon.

4. This one is simply just true. Can you name any other invention of man that more people have died as a result of or killed one another over? Money might be a close second.. but we had God's long before we had money. If I were going to be completely honest probably the number one greatest cause of death among humans is more than likely sex or mating. Which includes territorial issues and tribal war for the most part. But that's not an invention of man... that's a consequence of nature. I'm talking about unnatural inventions of man. God, money, honor, status... things like that.
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