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Originally Posted by Glock36shooter View Post
But you don't support their right to marry do you? Why? You support the right of people who eat pork to get married. You support the right of people who eat shellfish to get married? Why not homosexuals? You do not treat them as though their sin is equal to yours. You treat them as though there's is worse.
There is a strong distinction between these laws. Homosexuals shouldn't be allowed to marry for a wide variety of reasons that extend past it being Gods law. Marriage is an institution, and a building block of the larger institution we call America. When we sacrifice values, ethics, and morality at the family level there is an impact to the whole. When a nation losses sight of the values or building blocks that give individuals a unified identify, that nation has lost and its only a matter of time before collapse. This is a principle of warefare known as divid and conquer. We need to have a system of values, and a national identity to be successful but that also doesn't mean that we infringe on others choices. The saying live and let live applies here, but not at the cost of sacrificing the values of the greater good. We need to stop catering to special interest groups at the cost of national values. Otherwise we adventuslly wont have an identity, and the more we are divided the easier we are to conquer least we continue on this course to our own detriment. BTW I do believe in God, and previous comments I have made should not be taken otherwise. I simply don't agree with Christian ideology however I do respect those who honestly follow the tenants of their faith as I do all Monotheistic religions.

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