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Originally Posted by PrecisionRifleman View Post
There is a strong distinction between these laws. Homosexuals shouldn't be allowed to marry for a wide variety of reasons that extend past it being Gods law. Marriage is an institution, and a building block of the larger institution we call America. When we sacrifice values, ethics, and morality at the family level there is an impact to the whole. When a nation losses sight of the values or building blocks that give individuals a unified identify, that nation has lost and its only a matter of time before collapse. This is a principle of warefare known as divid and conquer. We need to have a system of values, and a national identity to be successful but that also doesn't mean that we infringe on others choices. The saying live and let live applies here, but not at the cost of sacrificing the values of the greater good. We need to stop catering to special interest groups at the cost of national values. Otherwise we adventuslly wont have an identity, and the more we are divided the easier we are to conquer least we continue on this course to our own detriment. BTW I do believe in God, and previous comments I have made should not be taken otherwise. I simply don't agree with Christian ideology however I do respect those who honestly follow the tenants of their faith as I do all Monotheistic religions.

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You say that but it's not based on fact. You're just parroting the mantras of the anti-gay agenda. You guys never explain how because there is no explanation, it's just how you feel so that's what you say.



How does a person being able to walk into a hospital and visit their life long partner unencumbered by silly rules that they have to be family contribute to the downfall of our society? How does a gay person being able to claim their life long partner's assets after that partner's death as regular married couples do without going through legal battles or special contracts having to be drawn up contribute to the downfall of our society? How does a gay person having any and every convenience afforded to a straight person by our government destroy our country?

The answer is that it doesn't. Those are people that you just don't like. That's evident in your statement that they're just trying to "divide and conquer" us instead of obviously just trying to live their lives as happily and easily as the next guy that happens to be straight. As if destroying your happiness is a bigger priority for them than finding their own as you were allowed to. That's as egotistical a mindset as thinking that you have the almighty on your side backing up your silly claims because you can't. You don't want to be told that they're just as good as you because you need somebody to be better than whether it's the unsaved, the minorities, the liberals or the gays. You don't get that by demonizing people just because they're different than you and as long as you do you're better than no one.

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