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Originally Posted by PrecisionRifleman View Post
I think I spelled it out pretty clearly. Read what I said in the context of what was written. I believe you understood what was said, but you don't agree with it. That's perfectly suitable, and we can disagree without getting into nit picking a single sentence out of a paragraph and turning the statement into something else.
You are entitled to your opinion as is everyone else here, but it's just subjective opinion without external objective justification and as such should not be a factor when considering legality in an environment intended to promote individual liberty. The only relevant factor in such a system when considering whether a behavior should be prohibited is if there is a direct and unavoidable victim to such behavior. There is not in the case of homosexual marriage. I'm sure some will try to generalize here and attempt to characterize homosexual marriage as a toxic family environment, but this is also unsupportable in an objective fashion.
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