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Originally Posted by PrecisionRifleman View Post
It has nothing to do with minority/majority, but has everything to do with what was said within the context of the paragraph. Again, if homosexuals were the majority we would face an ever decreasing population. God did not create man and man or woman and woman to have children. It simply goes against science, nature, and our survival. What's not to understand?
Homosexual behavior is found in nature and is very well documented in mammals and birds. That would be a pretty standard definition of natural, unless you would argue that all those animals had mommy issues. As already pointed out, there is no risk of the population going extinct due to homosexuality. Even at 100% homosexual, I'm pretty sure that gay men and gay women could figure out how to keep the species going.

Face it, heterosexuals haven't done a great job with marriage to be determining what others should be able to do.

I imagine you cherish the person that you married. Fortunately for you that person was of the opposite sex. You want to deny that chance at happiness to others. Not everybody does.

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