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Originally Posted by Comrade Bork View Post
If you can measure it, it is science.

If you cannot measure it, it is opinion.

Religion cannot be measured.

Religion is opinion.

Religion is not fact.
since your statement "religion is not a fact" is merely a series of words arranged in a certain order to articulate a concept and cannot be measured then it is ultimately just your opinion.

can concepts be measured?

can truth be measured?

can logic be measured?

can love be measured?

can morality be measured?

can trust be measured?

can honesty be measured?

can wisdom be measured?

according to you, if something cannot be swished around in a test tube or examined under a microscope then they are merely opinions.

as mentioned in a previous post, perhaps you should study the issues a little more objectively, if understanding is your sincere goal (which I doubt it is).
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