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Originally Posted by Rabbi View Post
I dont see how that article does ANYTHING but agree with what I said. The right want to put the left into a lot of boxes and then despise those boxes.

One person on the left calling the right a bunch of names doesnt change that and it certainly doesnt prove, as an overwhelming trend that "see both sides do it..."

Every side is guilty of most every sin but we will continue to fail if we cant recognize which side is known for which sins.

Stop defending things and start figuring things out. The left includes the right excludes. That is a damned well understood truth. Finding exceptions to that wont get your the results you want, even if it gives you a talking point.

In complete and total deference to you Rebbe, The left seem a whole lot more vitriolic. I am not sure what you are trying to say so lets call it a draw. I will be reticent on this subject. פריינט?
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