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Originally Posted by canis latrans View Post
we are all too often victims of our own principles, perhaps in more ways than one
Of course. Inflexible people do not often do very well. They may very well be right...but they are not often going to succeed. Prisons are filled with inflexible people. Teams often are not.

Every man has to make the choice what end of that he is going to fall on. I understand that but the results are going to be what they are.

You can do everything right and still fail but I would offer that many people who "stand on their principles" (not all but many) are actually hiding behind them more than standing on them. The results speak for themselves in most cases.

There is a reasonable test to see if a person is standing on them or behind them. It isnt perfect but I think most people will see the value in it....Do your principles dictate more of what you wont do or what you will do?

Of course almost all principles have both negative and positive aspects (what you can and cant do) but do you use the "Cans" to make a difference...or do you use the "Cants" to stand your ground on what you dont have to do. (or hold against others who do those things)
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