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Originally Posted by Rabbi View Post
I am not going to quote each of you....but a lot of you keep saying (a lot of people everywhere, not just here) That the "dems are the party of (insert some group of people you dont like....)"

By saying that, you have missed the problem.

Yes, the dems do indeed have a base made up of the "gimme gimme" types....but that is not enough to elect them.

Once again, it is the moderate or the guy who is even on the right for a lot of things who sees the Republicans as the real enemy of freedom. (again, examples include women, gays, minorities and many others)

They have a point. Not all of them are "gimme gimme" folks and that creamy middle is what decides elections, not the extremes of each party that is easy to hate.

Folks, STOP just STOP deciding what the other guy is and hating on him for it. A lot of them have a point and is likely to vote YOUR way if you would stop endorsing a "you cant be that" or "we dont like that" political party.

If I was a gay it would be real hard to vote Republican, even if I agreed with much of what they stand for....but put yourself in their shoes for just a second. What good are the "good" policies of the Republican party if they Fng hate you and will use the law to oppress you?

The world is not as simple as sound bites on TV. Many of you would vote us into the stone age if it meant you get to keep your guns (yes you would) Well, open your mind for just a second and realize a lot of reasonable people feel the same way about a lot of other issues. Issues the Democrats are inclusive of while the Republicans exclude.
Every republican minority or woman politician is a target for the left. They aren't minority enough, or something. In the beginning, some on the left thought Obama wasn't black enough or down with the struggle.

Republicans have reached out are reaching out. Have you seen the diverse group Republicans? I'm willing to bet that there are more Republican Hispanics serving than Democrats.

They look for and want people "like me". I'm considered a minority. I despise the identity politics played by the Dems. I want no part.
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