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Originally Posted by 427 View Post
Every republican minority or woman politician is a target for the left. They aren't minority enough, or something. In the beginning, some on the left thought Obama wasn't black enough or down with the struggle.

Republicans have reached out are reaching out. Have you seen the diverse group Republicans? I'm willing to bet that there are more Hispanics serving than the Democrats.

They look for and want people "like me". I'm considered a minority. I despise the identity politics played by the Dems. I want no part.
No, they are not reaching out at all. They are showing off a handful of "different" people who tow the Republican line.

It is damned transparent and the proof is in the results.

When you start hearing rappers rapping about becoming CEOs and Hippies singing about smoking out with republicans....THEN you will be on to something. Point being, when the Republicans become "cool."
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