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Hello KM, owners seem to really like the various STI 9MMs. I have handled a couple of the different 9MM STI models. Seemed like very solidly built and well finished guns to me. Probably try one myself one of these days.

I have had good luck with the Kimber Target IIs in 9MM ( owned more than one of these), and the 9MM Dan Wesson PM-9 pistols. Not such good luck with out of the box Springfields, although I have an older custom SA 9MM that is excellent. I've had 9MM Colts in the Commander and Government versions, also good guns after a little tuning for reliability. 1911s in 9MM are considered wierd, or just plain wrong, by a lot of shooters and shops, so I rarely find one in stock. I usually have to check the auction sites, GB, etc to locate 9MM 1911s. Attached a photo of my current 9MM 1911s. All reliable, in spite of what some self-anoited 1911 experts say on the internet, accurate and fun...ymmv

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