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Originally Posted by Rabbi View Post
The same demographic from those eras is not the same demographic of today.

Listen, Republicans dont need to be like Democrats. That would be the wrong thing. They need to include more people in what it is to be a Republican. The Republicans spend a lot of time excluding people because they have an element who seems to hate the personal chocies of others.
Maybe we aren't giving those folks who are the new demographic enough credit. Sooner or later they will see through the smoke and mirrors of the Democrat party. I am sure most Republicans thought they would never get another President with an R next to his name after Hoover. Besides, if you flush the vaules voters, they have to made up for by some group. Who would that be? And would they come to the party in sufficient numbers to make up the difference? How would you convince them to sign up as Republicans? The values voters might well then become a third party. And even though they would not win elections, they could affect the outcomes of future elections.
What's the frequency Kenneth?

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