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Originally Posted by 50 Cent View Post
Fine - scorched earth then. Last night the US became a nation of retards and cartoon watchers. Last nights result was like your neighbour's septic tank breaking due to his stupidity and flooding your living room with turds.

We DON'T unite behind this socialist scumbag - not unless you want to look like France and Greece and the plethora of other leftist basket cases.

Hit the vermin where you can personally:

* I've already cancelled any payroll type charitable contributions and will be making no more. Sorry you want to take my stuff, can't afford you.

* Email/phone/write letters or communicate with the Southern governors to withdraw all electrical tech support from the North-East. They played us, let'em starve and freeze to death. They played us, well, fine, we can put our people to good use on our own territory.

* Eliminate leftist organizations from those you do business
with. I've already reduced my Comcast to the bare minimum. When I told the rep I said "I might come back when Comcast drains the swamp at MSNBC." there was alot of sputtering at the end of the line.

* No aid whatsover to anyone who is a leftist. No social arrangements, no help of any kind - they are the enemy, not your friends and voted to destroy you. Let'em starve.

* No business where possible with union oriented enterprises
Thats obvious.

* No association with the leftist press - you can get enough truthful information online with contributing to the profitability
of basically terrorist propaganda organizations that helped throw the election to zero.

* On the GOP side, there has to be a relentless probing of this criminal administration's actions in Benghazi, Solyandra, Fast & Furious etc. Develop articles of impeachment, deliver them to the Senate where of course they will lapse - but they WILL get published. And again..and again. This is a criminal regime that gets Americans killed, destroys our credibility overseas, seeks to establish an alien / Socialist system. They have to be fought ever step of the way.

Its all just pinpricks - but 1000 pinpricks draws ALOT of blood.
This leftist scumbag only bested us in the popular vote by A couple of points, leaving enough furious people with a determined mindset that could hurt him and his minions of vermin.

`Well done sir....Thank you for your Post.
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