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Originally Posted by Rabbi View Post
YES. (I hate saying that but, yes)

Most of the people you just mentioned are so accomplished, they are token to most everyone in the population. (and I have a man crush on Herman Cain)

Find me a few famous black gangster rappers.

Find me a Hispanic woman with 7 kids, has never had a job and has a husband in jail.

Find me an off the grid granola eating vegan hippy.

The sad thing is....the first two want what you want. To have much and live well. The third, well, lol, maybe not.
I see. You're making the same argument of the left; Those people I listed aren't black enough, they aren't hispanic enough - they aren't down with the struggle.

Those people I listed are self-made. The people you listed, I don't know what to say about the people you listed.

As an atheist minority I have more in common with with the Republicans than I do with the people you listed.

The left is NOT the party of inclusion. The left is intollerant of ANY views that differ than thier own.
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