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In most cases, when people who lean right complain about values voters, they are referring to pro rights people. Oh sure, they include an anti gay element, but I submit that gay rights voters are not that large a delegation. Neither are the pot smokers. And of those that are, many would be democrats anyway, no matter what Republicans did to try and woo them.
But W got elected twice against pro choice candidates, Al Gore and John Kerry.
What the Republicans need and will get again is another Genie in a Bottle. Like Reagan. Someone who is so likeable, he transcends politics and issues.

Much as a disagree with him BHO is likeable. Thats what really got him elected twice. But by 2016, the democrats will be back to the likes of fat ankled Hillary, or some other person who does not have the charisma and charm it takes to spell bind voters into ignoring performance.
What's the frequency Kenneth?
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