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Originally Posted by Citroen View Post
jp - one reason I recommend the story of the Dr. Petit is that the details reveal so much. Read the entire account and see for yourself if this is a motivator for gun ownership.

Quick summary: the two criminals saw Mrs. Petit and oldest daughter at the Walmart and decided to commit a crime; the criminals followed them home; left and got a can of gasoline, a BB gun and some tape/rope.

They returned after Midnight and found a back door unlocked; entered and found Dr. Petit asleep on the sofa. Obviously the Doctor thought the BB gun was a firearm; he was bound and thrown down the basement stairs .... Google the rest of the story as it is a grizzley case with powerful impact. Note that when the police arrived they did not immediately enter the home.

As I said, see for yourself if it offers valuable lessons.\
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Looks like i got a few details wrong. I was going off of memory from when the case was in the news and discussed here.
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