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Originally Posted by Blast View Post
Still have problems with understanding and are driven by emotional abnormalities as usual.

I am pointing out that theories have been proven right and proven wrong and that there is still much more that we have not proven and what has not been proven remains a matter of 'hope the theory is right'. Kind of like faith, huh?
Unknown till known. that simple.
Funny how you make that claim of everyone that disagrees with you as if all the people that don't line up with your way of thinking have emotional abnormalities. That seems like an emotional abnormality to me. Actually, theories have been proven wrong and theories have withstood being proven wrong. There is no proving theories right.

Originally Posted by Blast View Post
As I said, true science understanding people understand how much we have yet to discover. A true scientist always keeps an open mind until firm evidence confirms or debunks a concept or theory.
I hope you realize the Big Bang theory is based on circumstantial evidence. That being the observed expansion.
Scientists assume that if the expansion were reversed, all matter and energy would converge to a central point... a singularity. All the math involved is based on that assumption. The laws of physics break down at the singularity.
I happen to agree with the BBT at this point because it is the most logical though it still has some problems.
But then there's M-theory. Controversial in the scientific community and has more problems than the BBT.
I'm glad that the "circumstantial" evidence was enough on it's own to convince you but I'm here to tell you that the evidence for BBT is anything but circumstantial. One of the best kinds of evidence is when you predict that if X is true then you should also be able to find Y and then you go and find Y like so,

That's several predictions that were lead to by previous predictions and all were in fact found to be true. In order to be proven false the standard model has to be unseated by a new model that explains everything the standard model does and more. Good luck with that.

Originally Posted by Blast View Post
Perhaps some day physicists will detect dark energy. We only know it's there because of the accelerating expansion of the universe which until 1998 scientists thought the universe would slow and contract to a big crunch. Still could if the dark energy, which composes about 74% of the universe, weakens and gravity gets the upper hand. Dark matter is about 22% and the visible about 4%.
Not having discovered dark matter yet doesn't disprove the standard model anymore than any one "missing link" disproves evolution. There is enough supporting evidence there already. And we don't "know" dark matter is there. It's just a placeholder explanation that should be true based on what we do know. It could be something else entirely. As I said, the universe operates independently of our ability to understand it.
Originally Posted by Blast View Post
Try to keep an open mind. It does much for understanding.
Good advise that you should heed yourself, say, before posting videos of dogs humping legs and claiming it as evidence that animals act only on pheromones where sex drive is concerned yet humans are different. That one made me think that your mind may have been so open that your brain fell out and was promptly humped by a dog.
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