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Originally Posted by muscogee View Post
It will take both. One dollar of tax increases for ten dollars of spending cuts sounds reasonable to me.
YEAH RIGHT. Democrats wont EVER go for that.

I think to appease democrats and get us back from the fiscal cliff House Republicans will have to bend on increasing taxes. I dont like it and I dont agree with it but I simply dont see any other way around it. Refusing to do so will further damage the republican party because if they dont, democrats and the media will point the finger at republicans for the impending doom.

Democrats want to just let the Bush tax cuts for those making over 250k to expire. The solution i see is to get the spending cuts we want and then give them HALF of their tax increase. So if the tax rate would go up by 5% give them 2.5.

Then after we get that done we lock in the rates for 20 years to try and restore some order and confidence.

The days of praying for democrats to fail and look bad are over. Their failure now would be completely devastating later on and the blame would be laid on Republicans by the media. For us, its lose lose with the slim chance and hope that we dont lose our country in the process.

Just my .02
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