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Originally Posted by G29Reload View Post
The jokes on you.

Levin commented on this tonight. In so many words, you get to eat the crap sandwich too. It's not just for your "enemies".

You like having money vaccumed out of your wallet? You do drive a car, right?

So you prefer $4 a gallon gas to 1.84.

You have a job? Check your paystub in January. Taxes...

If you have a job. Maybe you're part of the 17% unemployed. Congratulations, genius. Don't expect it change anytime soon.I'm sure that parroting "Its bush's fault" will be great comfort when you have to pay your bills.
I run my own business from my home. I'm the only employee and I do well enough that I don't mind paying more taxes. I'm a jewelry designer and probably have more gold in wire, sheet and casting grain form than most have in bars and coins so that will help in the worst case. A big part of my business is custom wedding rings so when my state passed gay marriage it was a boost in business for me. Manly hands, bigger rings, more precious metals, you get the picture. I make nice with the gay community and word gets around. I also deal in antiques. Mostly antique jewelry but my retirement plan is a safe full of items that will never decrease in value plus the fact that the older I get, the more I want to sit and work which means more money.

I also ride my bike everywhere and when I do take the car it's getting 38 MPG and the furthest I go is 20 min. away. The country would have to grind to a halt from $10 a gallon gas for me to feel the sting. Solar and wind power is going in next year to get us off the grid.

We also have a huge food garden. My girlfriend excels at low tec survival tactics a la the Mennonites who we've made good friends with and traded a lot of skills with. Those people make Mcgyver look like a spoiled teenage girl.

I've always been more ant than grasshopper. Pretty well insulated from it all up here and I'll be fine. Sorry to disappoint but after last night I'm sure you're used to it.
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