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Originally Posted by G29Reload View Post
Right, but for the wrong reason. This is trying to define us, and you're doing it with your lies right here.

Our candidate lost because he let the lying scumbag define him rather than the other way around. The conversation should not have been about the left/dems perception of what we are, but the facts of what the failed Obama administration is. The enumerated list of failure, lies and utopian nonsense that Zero was pedaling. If the election had been about him, he would have lost. It was Romney's job to make it that way, and he failed. He was too worried about offending, too into playing it safe and appeared to fail to stand for anything in opposition to an incumbent seriously needing opposition. Romney needed to step up and slug him in the jaw, state specifically why Zero is dangerous and hammer it till it became meme, legend and memorable.
Sounds like you know exactly what they need to do differently next time but you were sooooo positive that Romney was a shoe-in right up til the last day. Better luck in 2016. If the dems get froggy about gun control again (I think they're too smart for that) I'll be right there with you voting straight rep tickets again until the pendulum swings back. Failing that I have no use for them other than for entertainment value.
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