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My hunting Glock now a .460

Well as of last night she is officialy a .460 Rowland.
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Mods to the gun include the whole trigger group replaced, .460 Rowland conversion, Dawson sights, beavertail and grip sleeve, titanium plunger, polish mating surfaces, extra power magazine springs, extended slide release, siderlockt trigger and more junk that I can't think of right this second. Will shoot it with the Rowland kit saturday.
As a super it shot 1" groups at 25 yards. That is 10 shot 1" groups using 185 Noslers at 1250fps. Now it will launch that same bullet over 1500fps. reflex264
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"A quite hit in the right place is better than a load miss followed by 10 more shots on the run". a unknown PH
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