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Originally Posted by ModGlock17 View Post
"Why YOU GUYs lost"

As long as people of the same country think of each others as "us" vs "them" and "we won" vs. "you lost", we really don't need an external enemy.

OBL is laughing his head off (I guess the remaining part, right side) in the bottom of the sea.

If the country has a bleak future, we ALL lose.
As long as "they" want "us" to pay for "them" it will be that way.

Critics of the U.S. political environment often don't realize that the country has ALWAYS been politically divided and it has ALWAYS been nasty. In fact, it has been nastier.

Politics is about defeating your enemy, not compromise, not bipartisanship. This go round, the socialist leeches won. Yes, they are the enemy.
“If Thomas Jefferson thought taxation without representation was bad, he should see how it is WITH representation.”

Rush Limbaugh
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