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Originally Posted by TreverSlyFox View Post
The one thing that I love about being a "born again" Christian is:

If I'm right and Atheists are wrong, I gain everything, Atheists loose everything.

If the Atheists are right, and I'm wrong, the Atheists gain nothing, I loose nothing.

The way I see it I'm in a Win, Win situation either way because I have nothing to loose.

It's too bad anyone has to loose anything but that is the chance you take.
Pascal wasn't as smart as you seem to think.

If you are right? You have to be right that, first, supernatural gods exist, then that you have picked the right one. Since most people get their religious choice as an accident of birth, that would be quite a coincidence. Then, let's say, coincidentally, that the christian god is the right one and not some god that was worshipped long before he was ever though of - you have to have also joined the right version of that religion to get into heaven. Do you have to be Jewish, Muslim, Cathoic, Protestant? Which version of any of those? each teaches that you can't get there without obeying their special rules. So assuming you weren't supposed to be sacrificing camels to Marduk or waging war for Odin, your odds of being right are pretty slim and are not accounted for in Pascal's wager.

If atheists are right and you are wrong, they gaing freedom and, pretty much, the key to all human progress - science. We are literally hundreds or thousands of years behind where we could be right now if there were more atheists and fewer religious people in our history.

If atheists are right and you are wrong, you ahve wasted your life making immoral choices based on fiction. That's worth something.
Anti-gun liberals can only call us idiots; it takes an idiot with a gun to prove them right.
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