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Originally Posted by devildog2067 View Post
You understand that when we cut that ten dollars of spending, we can't pay a million dollars a year to keep peoples' mothers-in-law alive, right?

I'm not trying to get personal in the sense of a personal attack. I'm trying to point out that when budgets get cut, services have to get cut. I honestly don't think you understand that.

The things we spend the most money on are health care for old people and Social Security checks for old people. Any cuts would have to start with gutting those programs. You could cut almost everything else and not even begin to make a dent.
The programs DO have to be changed, not gutted.

Starting to raise the retirement age again, eliminating the earnings ceiling at which social security tax stops being paid, means testing benefits, these probably all have to come into play.

Boosting the economy, putting more people back to work, and a guest worker program where non-resident aliens can come here legally to work and pay social security tax could also help. There is a lot that must be and can be done, but maintaining the status quo won't cut it, no will continuing to increase the already bloated entitlement system.
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