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Originally Posted by dukeblue91 View Post
We did not lose but America lost.
Neither do I want the GOP undermine my believes and turn more left as then they are the same as the Democrats and that will be the time when we really lost.

One day it will become apparent to more people that this whole feel good crap is the wrong way forward and I hope it won't be to late by then.
Have a little faith, man. We'll get through this.

We've endured worse although not recently and I believe that we can come outta this once the error of these "gimme summa theirs 'cause they have more than me" policies is realized. One way or another it will have to come to a stop.

Just remember M. Thatcher's words-

"The problem with Socialism is that eventually, you run out of other people's money."

It (money) is a finite resource. Sure we can always print more, but eventually we'll demonetize the currency and even then the Left will still be handing it out for use as toilet paper to both constituencies reduced to living in the woods and under highway overpasses. Rest assured, I don't wish to see it come to that, but it very well may have to before Americans realize that "free stuff" ain't.
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