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The "losers" after this election is the American people.

What is so hard for many of us to accept is how any rational person could actually believe that Obama is/was more qualified to be the President of the U.S. than McCain or Romney.

Look at the people that he has selected to surround him.

He as delegated power to people who constantly prove their incompetence.

Fast and Furious and the Libya fiascos are proof that these folks have little or no idea of what they are doing, and as in all screw-ups. the attempted cover-ups and lying will be their undoing.
As many have said, no one died in the Watergate scandal but it still led to Nixon being forced from office.

With a vague past and the assistance of a liberial, biased media, and enough voters who are seeking a socialistic style of government, we have been fed, and have bought a full load of BS that future generations we'll be forced to pay for.
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