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Originally Posted by muscogee View Post
Arrogant condescending people like you are the reason the Republicans lost. With me help, my district replaced an incumbent Republican with a Democrat.
So why dont you help me out since you are so insightful and voted so well.

The company I am working for is making the decision over the next week to shut down the US operation and terminate all employees because of the uncertainty over costs and taxes. It is about 30% that it will happen.

I have been told I will be sent to the USA early to do it. If it is decided next week, I fly home Friday the 16th and chop on Monday and Tuesday. The ones that have to pack stuff up and ship capital equipment and assets to Europe get to stay until Dec 21. If it is shut down they want everyone off the books by the end of the year (end of year for us is Dec 21).

More over, the equipment that is process being built in the USA to be delivered next year will be cancelled.

So, help me out. How do you recommend getting rid of people a day or two before thanksgiving? Three days before Xmas? They have done nothing wrong other than be caught up in uncertainty where people are not willing to risk their money.

Maybe you could give me your phone number and you can explain to them how the election was actually good for them?

FWIW, I hope in the next 3 or 4 days I can pull something out of my butt or my butt will be moving. I already told wife 30% that she is moving.
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