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Originally Posted by cowboy1964 View Post
True. The only way to win now is to pander. Are you Hispanic? We'll give you amnesty. Like leeching off society? Welfare for all. Female? Abortions on-demand up to 9 months and free birth control. Underwater on your home because you were stupid and greedy? We'll bail you out. Too much student loan debt because you picked a worthless education? We'll wipe out your debt. Etc. Gimme gimme gimme.

I can't wait until the dollar collapses and the whole thing implodes. Don't come crying to me when it does.
True to a degree. As whoever it was said, "Once people realisethey can vote themselves money, it is over." And so it is. Te nature of socialism is that it promises many people more more that tey don't have to earn and makes them feel good about it.

BUT you might just have lost your last chance to do anything to reverse that. 12 million illegals will now ge the vote. That means 95% of the 15% blacks will vote democrat plus the 75% of well over 10% hispanics. That is without any political thought at all. Then a whole lot who might dislike a lot of the fiscal policies and simple crookedness of so many Democrat Pols and who might vote Republican if only the Republicans were not saddled with even sillier social ideas than the Democrats. The religious right have just thrown away this election for the sake of feeling good about their silly ideas.

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